Russian Honey and Cupping Massage

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About Russian Honey and Cupping Massage

Although traditionally, Honey and Cupping go together, they are both massages in their own right and can be used seperately , either as treatments on their own or to enhance existing massage therapies. Terri was taught this therapy  by Edith Ege in Germany, where it is extremely popular, as it is throughout the continant.

Honey Massage

Russian Honey Massage – also sometimes known as Tibetan or Ukrainian Honey Massage -  is an ancient treatment that has been practised in Asia and eastern European countries for hundreds of years.

Since the abolition of the Soviet Union, the therapy has spread to western European countries, where it has become very popular with massage therapists and in spas.

Honey is applied to the skin then massaged until it becomes sticky, then it is worked using special techniques until the consistency changes and white pellets appear on the skin surface. These pellets are believed to be toxins and salts that have been drawn from the body and have been absorbed into the honey.

In addition, beneficial nutrients from the honey are transferred to the body’s tissues and the skin is left feeling nourished and moisturised.

Any residual honey is easily removed with a wet towelling cloth or mitt. It is not necessary for the client to need a shower following a treatment session. 

Cupping Massage

Although most commonly associated nowadays with Chinese medicine, cupping and cupping massage has been practised in nearly every country and on every continent at one time or another, and was regularly practised in the UK until the early 1800s

By creating suction and negative pressure,  cupping massage is a deep tissue massage used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system,  bring blood flow to stagnant muscles, loosen adhesions and drain excess fluid and toxins.

Massage with cups still forms part of Traditional Russian massage and is used prior to performing honey massage by increasing circulation to the skin, so that toxins are more easily absorbed by the honey and  the beneficial nutrients of the honey are more easily absorbed by the skin.

Another beneficial aspect of cupping massage is its use in therapist injury prevention. This method allows  rest for the hands from repetitive movement and enables the therapist to get deeper without discomfort to the client or herself

Cupping massage doesnt leave red circular marks on the skin following a session, nor is fire used.